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Stand up from me!
Throw out my desire!
I try to write and think as an art writer.
Reach the world from Japan for tomorrow's art.
Jan. 2011 Chisai Fujita

Vol.4 : walking and seeing the galleries by my foot / second volume

In April 16, I went to ATLIA, Saitama Kawaguchi city.
Because Sculptor Kakuzo Tatehata exhibition started.

In private, I studied about sculpture.
Art history is almost painting history, not sculpture history.
Tatehata works is not Neo-DADA and Mono-ha.
If you say "Public Art", what is sculpture, what is art?

Looking over this exhibition, I don't find one piece that printed the poster.
Try and find again, the man tell me that piece.
I can't judge between maquette and the poster, both is different angle.

I try go around the gallery again, I'm aware that the sculpture is not interesting by one angle.
It is different for me that Standing and sitting.

Meeting the original is very important thing.

A) MISA SHIN GALLERY (with ARTtransit, 2011 febraryj
B) NANZUKA UNDERGROUND (with ARTtransit, 2011 febraryj
C) VOCA 2010, The Ueno Royal Museum (with Kurashiki University of Science and the Art’s students, 2011 March)
D) Neutron Tokyo (with Kurashiki University of Science and the Art’s students, 2011 March)


Chisai Fujita

art writer / journalist. Born in 1974, Okayama Japan. Live in Tokyo Japan.


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